Baugil About

Baugil is a natural and human friendly trekking course

Baugil About

Baugil is a natural and human friendly trekking course

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What is Baugil


Health & Body

Bau also means the kind and great goddess of health in babylonia myth who cures a severe disease with a touch of her hand.
We wish you a healthy and happy life as you walk through Baugil path

The feature of Baugil

1. Various course


Starting from Baekdudaegan mountain, Baugil stretches about 400km along the mountain chains and the sea, Gyeong po and Jeongdongjin which consists of 17 section of Gangneung Baugil, 2 section of Daegwallyeong Baugil, Ultra Baugil, Gyegok(valley) Baugil and Ari-Baugil.

- Looking out over the sea you can climb up to the backbone range of the top of the mountain. - You can take a route that leads to the sea from the mountain range. - You can also choose a route along the sea that has a spectacular coastal view. - There is also a path leading up to the mountain range from the sea. - You have other courses that make you feel like as if you were walking over the sea from the mountain with alternate view of both the sea and forest.

. Its slope is not that high despite of the mountain range that leads to the sea
All routes mentioned above are recommendable for the whole family to enjoy with the scent of flowers and pines.

2. Every route has a path through upright korean red pine forest called Geumgang sonamu sup gil


By traveling on foot, people can enjoy the tranquil scene and the scent of pine trees from the forest that make up almost 70% of the routes.
The path winds down to the beach. Just breathing and resting in the pine forest will make your exhausted body healed and boost your energy. Keep both of your physical and mental health by walking Through Baugil.

Famous woodland walk places are the courses surrounded by pine trees and Baugil is one of the most famous therapeutic walk places among them. Walking through Baugil is good for both terkking and therapeutic walk at the same time

3. The course makes up 70% of the shady path


Nothing compares to walking under the shade of trees from spring to fall.
In the middle of summer exposure to direct sunlight is dangerous. Baugil course along the coast will lead you to endless series of pine forest. Walking through Daegwallyeong valley the mellow scent of pine trees surrounds you.
Forest with Sky-high pine trees and oak trees will welcome and wait for you.

4. A walk through the history and culture


Shin saimdang would walk through Daegwallyeong path with her child, Yulgok.
Kim hongdo, one of the most well-known korean painters, also created a masterpiece in painting admiring the scenery. Jeong cheol, famous writer and politician, left a great literary work Gwandongbyeolgok crossing over the path.
Many calligraphers did the same as well.

Each course has its own legendary history of our ancestors such as red coastal road in Jeongdongin.

5. Newly found Shimstefano’s gil


Catholic holy ground built in the late Choseon dynasty can be found through out the nation.
Because of Taebaek mountain blocking between Wonju and eastern part of Hoengseong the spread of catholic was slower.

When Byeongingyonan happened in the late Choseon dynasty which means catholic persecution, a catholic whose name was Shimstefano lead a religious life in Gulawi, Gangneung. He got caught by not a normal local police man but a police man from the police bureau and was put to death.

Shimstefano’s real name is unknown. We don’t know who he was, where he came from but one thing we can’t deny is that a religious person died for his belief.
We name the course from Tomb of King Myeongjugun to there after his name.

6. Ultra baugil


Ultra baugil is a trekking course from Geumjinhang, east part of Gangwon-do province through Dakmongnyeong and Seonjaryeong turning back to Bogwangni. It’s a mixed version of nature with trekking course and camping for 4days 3nights in the forest. It’s 72km long and a microcosm of Mt.Baekdu.

Challenge for the Ultra baugil and receive the vital force of Mt. Baekdu

7. Gyeogok(valley) baugil


Introduced as a second Ultra baugil Gyeogok baugil has 50km-long valley and is a paradise of camping for 3days 2nights.

From the entry of the mountain to the end of the course you will hear the endless sound of water drop from the valley. Get sweat by trekking, sunbathe under the warm sunlight and enjoy the scenery of the mountain that varies from season to season.